Creative Day was founded in 2018 by a group of industry friends who had all worked together in different capacities at different companies over many years, this alone made them rise to the top of their professions. Over the years they never lost touch with each other or with their characteristic drive for excellence. Coming from backgrounds in Single & Multi-Camera Production, Broadcast News & Sports, Live Touring, Corporate Audio-Visual Events, and even Finance, they all knew there was a better way to work.

Ultimately, the timing was right to do it their way, to be a part of something they could be invested in, where each person could take ownership and responsibility of their own passions, with a dedication to service and standards few companies had achieved. Given this unique foundation, Creative Day caught fire very quickly, growing at a rapid pace, and within a year they were the prime service and technology provider of shows and events all over the country for some of the biggest corporations, agencies, and brands in the nation.

Creative Day Tech Storage

WHO We Are

From concept to completion, Creative Day Technologies provides support in every stage of the event planning process, even beyond the technology.

We are driven by our desire to collaborate with our clients and partners to create personalized events. Our staff and crew will tell you in their 20+ years in the industry they have never engineered the same show twice. So, we personalized the process; no cookie-cutters or recycled processes, we draw inspiration from previous projects and make each event unique to your messaging. 

We know to keep our clients and crews comfortable and empowered through all stages of the production process, that’s how our service is unique in the industry. 

A production is only as successful as its crew. We handpick our engineers for each production based on skills and experience. Client, staff, and crew all with a dedication to seeing another event through in excellence. 

Our purpose is not how much we create, but how well we create it.