Jeep Launches Grand Cherokee 2022

Creative Day Technologies provides field production services in both Auburn Hills, MI and Moab, UT

Creative Day Technologies was working with the Jeep team to launch the highly anticipated Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe at the 2021 New York Auto Show. However, the day the products were to roll out, the New York Auto Show was canceled due to recurring concerns related to the Pandemic.  

Rather than just closing the books on the launch, the Creative Day team developed an outline for a location shoot that would showcase the capabilities of the product. In our outline, we focused on highlighting the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe in its two peak environments. The presentation would be executed by the Jeep Brand CEO, Christian Meunier, and Jim Morrison, the Head of Jeep Brand North America.  

To showcase the off-road capability of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe, we traveled to Moab, Utah, Jeep Brands' home away from home with Mr. Morrison. The legendary Lion’s Back Trail was used to achieve a monumental climb in all-electric mode. To highlight all the cutting-edge features of this iconic vehicle, Mr. Meunier took to the Stellantis North American HQ in Auburn Hills, MI.  

Creative Day provided the creative direction, logistics, and post-production for this product launch. We began with a scout and secured the filming locations, including Lions Back and Sorrel Ranch in Moab Utah as well as the Stallantis HQ in Auburn Hills MI. 

This production was done utilizing RED cameras, jibs, and drones. Creative Day also provided post-production and color correction services before turning over the final file to the client and publishing agencies.  

The footage, as well as an unscripted interview of Jim Morrison driving through the trails, has been used for several Social Media and Marketing campaigns.  

The final launch video was posted on social media and the brand website for the global debut.  

Client: Jeep Brand

Date: Sept 11, 2021 - Sept 15, 2021

Location: Auburn Hills, MI and Moab, UT

Service: Field Production and Content Creation


  • Creating a creative outline for the launch of the Grand Cherokee 4xe to replace the canceled live Product reveal in New York 
  • On-location production in Moab, Utah & Auburn Hills, Mi 
  • 160 hours of post-production