Dearborn Mid-West’s 75th Anniversary

Creative Day Technologies produces three videos to commemorate manufacturing company’s anniversary

Dearborn Mid-West Company (DMW) provides design, integration, and installation of material handling systems and tooling cells for automotive and construction. Headquartered in Taylor, MI, DMW has been in business for 75 years and it was time to celebrate the significance of this milestone.

DMW partnered with Creative Day Technologies to create an opening video for their 75th anniversary celebration. The objective was to create an engaging highlight video that celebrated the company's history, achievements, and employees. The original idea for this video was to make it similar to a hype video for NFL teams. Our Producer understood the excitement the client was searching for, but also wanted to capture the nobility of the anniversary. Creative Day proposed an opening video that was more geared toward education and celebration of their history and employees while still engaging the audience. DMW provided multiple photos for historical reference but more content was required to achieve the purpose of the video.

Creative Day sent a two-person ENG crew to DMW manufacturing facilities to capture b-roll footage and employee testimonies. The manufacturing environment presented certain limitations, restricting access to certain areas and requiring careful consideration of what could be captured. There was also a need to educate the audience on DMW’s production processes and the extent of their work. The final videos exceeded expectations of the company. Although the initial idea was to create a sports hype video, the inclusion of educational elements added depth and a unique perspective to the story.

In the process of developing the opening video, Creative Day noticed the need for additional content to recognize additional players that got DMW to their 75th year. So, in addition to the opening video, Creative Day also produced a Sponsor video and Employee recognition video for their celebration.

Opening Video:

  • Two-person ENG package, utilizing a Canon XF405 camera.
  • Executive Producer and 10 hours of editing.
  • Incorporation of provided photos and historical perspective.
  • Use of stock footage captured from within the company.

Sponsor Video:

  • Three hours of editing.
  • Producer creative development

Employee Recognition Video:

  • Four hours of editing.
  • Producer creative development

Through meticulous planning, creative problem-solving, and the utilization of available resources, the team successfully created a series of engaging and educational videos for Dearborn Mid-West Company's 75th anniversary celebration. Additionally, the surplus of employee-generated content allowed for the creation of social media assets, maximizing the use of available resources and technology. This approach not only enhanced the current videos but also laid the foundation for future video projects by capturing footage that could be repurposed.

Client: Dearborn Mid-West

Date: Nov 14, 2022

Location: Manufacturing Facility in Taylor, MI

Service: Video Content Production, Creative Producing Services


  • Three custom videos
  • Additional footage for DMW to use for future content