Stellantis Host a North American Dealers Business Meeting at the MGM Grand Garden Arena

Creative Day Technologies provides technology and production management to execute the first Stellantis Dealer Meeting since 2015

Stellantis is a global automotive manufacturing corporation established in 2021 from the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and PSA Group. The company comprises 16 brands: Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Citroën, Dodge, DS, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep, Lancia, Maserati, Mopar, Opel, Peugeot, Ram, and Vauxhall. The North American brands included in the Dealer Business Meeting of 2023 were Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Mopar, and Ram. 

Stellantis brought its dealer and business groups together for an immersive presentation on the business and marketing strategy moving forward. Over 6,000 attendees took in presentations from seven brands during a span of 8 hours.

Their goal for the meeting would be to arm the Dealers with the proper information on the direction of Stellantis and its iconic brands. The production’s goal was to engage, impress, and entertain the audience in this “new” overarching brand, Stellantis. 

The show would take place at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas, NV. The event would be in two parts: the Entertainment and Product Saloon would take place in the Marquee Ballroom and the Main Program would take place in the Grand Garden Arena. 

The last Dealer Business Meeting took place in 2015, 8 years prior. Learning from past Dealer Business Meetings, Stellantis wanted to be sure to maintain control of costs and properly schedule all aspects of the event to avoid any costly oversights. They also wanted to be sure that the production company (or companies) were properly staffed and equipped to meet the challenges of the many cultures within the global company.

Creative Day Technologies had been providing Technology and Show Calling event support to the Stellantis Brands for special events and Auto Show press conferences since 2019. As such, Creative Day was selected as the vendor to execute this 2023 event. Budget for the Dealer Meeting was a concern and limited from the early stages of planning.

With six months of preparation, we prioritized booking the best technicians possible, tapping into our collective network, connections and friends across the industry. 

The scope, as explained in details below, is broken into five sections: LED, Video, Audio, Lighting, and Show Calling / Management.        

LED display was the centerpiece for the stage design of this production. Creative Day provided nine 4k resolution screens, 18 4k led processors full closed loop redundancy, and 112 channels of 10g Fiber. The 923 tiles were comprised of 2.6mm, 3.77mm, 3.9 mm, and 8.9mm ROE and Unilumin Product.

Due to the distance and size of the venue we also provided three 19’8” x 9’10” LED confidence monitors. 

The Technology for this event included the following:

Video: An integrated 4K production switcher package that includes the following components.

  • 4ME 8K Production Switcher
  • (40) SDI Inputs (up to 12G) Standards Converters on all inputs
  • (28) SDI Aux Outputs
  • (4) Media Players (64 Still Capacity)
  • (4) Fully configurable Multiviewers
  • (16) Upstream Keyers (Chroma, Linear, Luma)
  • (4) Downstream Keyers (Linear, Luma)
  • (4) Upstream Key DVEs
  • (2) Supersource 4xDVEs
  • Control PC

A total of 12 4K sources were brought into the switcher including:

  • (4) Panasonic AK-UC4000 4K Studio Cameras w/200 meter SMPTE Fiber Camera Cables
  • (3) 70x Sports Lenses
  • (1) Wide Angle Lens
  • (5) Panasonic AW-UE150 PTZ cameras providing SDI to the switcher 
  • (4) cameras were used to observe the four stage turntables for the turntable ops
  • (1) camera was used for an unmanned cover shot of the stage from FOH
  • (2) Spyder outputs
  • (1) Prompter sub-switch

Video destinations included:

  • (2) Spyder feeds for I-Mag
  • (10) Recorders, nine ISO and a Program. Achieved with the following:
  • (2) Atomos Studio 2 multisource recorders (8 sources)
  • (2) Hyperdeck Studio HD Plus recorders (2 sources)
  • FOH TD Multiview
  • FOH LD Multiview
  • Multiple Green Rooms
  • Multiple Production Salons
  • Turntable control station multiview
  • (2) Audio stations
  • Confidence monitors for LED, Spyder, D3, Graphics and Translation booths

Program and multiview images needed to be run to multiple monitors throughout the facility. This was aided by the use of two custom built MultiDyne fiber transmission systems utilizing a single OpticalCon Duo fiber run with up to 1000’ of fiber each able to carry up to:

  • (8) 12G SDI sends
  • (2) 12 SDI receives
  • (4) Isolated 1 Gigabit Network feeds
  • (4) Analog Audio sends
  • (4) Analog Audio receives

LED sources included Keynote using M2 Macbooks, Disguise (D3), and routed through redundant X80 Syder systems.  

Audio: The show was mixed on the state of the art Yamaha PM3 Rivage audio mixing console. It was selected for its clarity, flexibility, and high sample rate. It was complemented with 4 Yamaha 3224 D2 Rio stageboxes spread throughout the venue to feed the amp racks, video village, A2 (microphone) world, and an extensive Intercom network. All tied together with over 2,000 feet of fiber.

L-Acoustics was chosen as the PA for the venue at MGM. It is the brand by which all others are judged. The 11,000 seat venue required smooth and even coverage for the best presentation of video content, new vehicle reveals, and Executive Presentations.

We used 24 Channels of Shure Axient Wireless microphones for 20 presenters. The system used eight antennas fed from 4 zones coordinated, combined, and trimmed.

Intercom consisted of two Clearcom Helixnet Systems, two Clearcom Arcadias with 5 IP Transceivers. For the volume of presenters, vehicles, and clients 48 wireless Freespeak beltpacks, 50 wired beltpacks, and 60 two-way radios were used. 

Lighting: had to be designed and cued as a concert due to the short turn around and constant changes. The lighting design was of special interest to our client, and would be a key part of engaging the audience for the duration of the presentation as well as transitioning from one segment to the next. Our show caller worked with our lighting team to help define and execute the vision of a high energy concert as well maintaining the importance of the information being presented. 

Fixtures used in the show created 14.213 million lumens total. These are broken down below:

  • (118) Elation Monet- 45k lumens per fixture, 5.31m total lumens
  • (52) Mac Ultra Wash- 63k lumens per fix, 3.276m total lumens
  • (48) Martin Rush Par RGB Zoom - 2.3k lumens per fix, 110.4k total lumens
  • (19) Elation Proteus Excalibur - 20k lumens per fix, 380k lumens
  • (52) Ayrton Zonda 9- 25k lumens per fix, 1.3m total lumens
  • (48) Chauvet Color Strike M - 71.6k lumens per fix, 3.436m total lumens
  • (16) Clay Paky Volero Wave - 2.34k lumens per fix, 37.44k total lumens
  • (6) Robe Forte FS Followspots - 50k lumens per fix, 300k total lumens
  • (4) MAC Quantum Wash - 16k lumens per fix, 64k total lumens

For lighting the presenters (300k lumens) six Robe Forte FS Followspots were used. We also included lighting to wash over the audience and add texture to engulf the entirety of the space into the presentation.

These lights are listed below: 

Backup Front Lighting on the Downstage(450k lumens):10- Elation Monet

Texture Wash on Stage and Arena Floor(3.24m lumens):

  • (28) Elation Monet from Thrust Truss
  • (8) Elation Monet from Midstage Truss
  • (12) Elation Monet from Chandelier
  • (24) Elation Monet from US Circles

Lighting for Turntables (2.268m lumens):

  • (24) Mac Ultra Wash from US Circles
  • (12) Mac Ultra Wash from Chandelier

Punches for Videos (1.658m lumens):

  • (6) Elation Monet below Banner Video Wall 270k
  • (16) Mac Ultra Wash below Banner Video Wall 1.008m
  • (19) Elation Proteus Excalibur above US Video truss for Ceiling Beams 380k

Effects (4.773m lumens):

  • (28) Ayrton Zonda 9 above Banner Video Wall
  • (24) Ayrton Zonda 9 hung in verticals stage left and right 1300
  • (40) Chauvet Color Strike M on Thrust Truss
  • (8) Chauvet Color Strike M on Downstage Truss
  • (8) Clay Paky Volero Wave on Midstage Truss
  • (8) Clay Paky Volero Wave on Chandelier

Ground Fixtures (154k lumens):

  • (2) Elation Monet behind car reveal doors
  • (4) Mac Quantum Wash behind garage doors

Additionally Creative Day Technologies was awarded the Show Calling part of the Dealer Business Meeting. Within this scope: an Executive Producer, Producers, Production Managers, Content Manager, Coordinators, Show Caller and a team of Prompter Operators. This group was immersed in the client content and narrative. Tracking across 12 segments, 20 presenters, 30 vehicles, and over 2,000 video assets. 

The value this event brought to the Client and the magnitude of the scope made this project an showcase in Creative Day’s story. The post-event days were showered with Thank You’s and praises from across all Stellantis brands, departments, and executives.

Client: Stellantis

Date: Mar 14, 2023 - Mar 24, 2023 , Show Day: Mar 22, 2023

Location: MGM Grand, Grand Garden Arena. Las Vegas, NV

Service: Live Event Technology, Producing, and Show Calling


  • Full run 10 days, 5 days of setup, 3 rehearsal days, 1 show day, 1 loadout day
  • 6,000 audience size
  • Nine 4k LED destinations
  • 14.213 million lumens in Lighting
  • 122 Large format Line Array speakers handling coverage of up to 120dbs