Staff Spotlight: Mark

April 17, 2019

Creative Day Technologies is excited to have Creative Director Mark F. Wilson join our staff.

Creative Staff Mark

Mark is passionate about live event composition and sales. Mark has designed and sold live events for over 35 years utilizing insightful listening and demand creation. As a conceptual communicator, Mark’s natural preference is to think in terms of concepts, ideas and possibilities. “What do you think about…” is a common question clients will hear while working with Mark.

Mark enjoys designing live events with a lasting impact. He is constantly searching for new ways to heighten the experience, searching for vine-ripened, fresh ideation of the “never been done”. He is always exploring the possibilities and capabilities of technology to expand his designs so to create the most memorable experience for audiences. Most recently, Mark has become an expert on how to incorporate interactive projection mapping with real time content rendering, which allows for intense precision mapping of live motion.

Aside from event designing, Mark loves to spend time with his wife Beverly and share special moments with their seven children. Some of their favorite ways to spend time together include traveling, hiking, camping and playing cards. Mark also keeps the creativity flowing on his downtime by composing music on the piano and synthesizers.

Mark is eager to take a lead role in the development of a live event and production company like Creative Day. Mark is thrilled to be working with talent-rich Creative Staff, the capabilities and experience packed within the team “is like a bundle of dynamite, very powerful!” he says. Mark concludes that the

“opportunities to provide amazing results are around every corner. Creative Day is more than the name of our company to me… I am very excited that the creativity within has been resurrected into this creative life.”