Creative Staff Spotlight: Pete

March 2, 2021

Creative Day is thrilled with our newest Senior Project Manager, Pete Schwartz. Pete will be responsible for quoting projects, overseeing technical design, costing, and selecting the right technicians for the show. He will be influential in the daily operations in relation to other project managers and technicians.

While at Creative Day, Pete will be able to focus on what he loves most, managing live events. “The culture is what attracted me to Creative Day, our close-knit team makes coming to work fun again, being able to contribute to the direction of the company, along with setting solid AV practices makes for a very satisfying job,” says Pete.

With the exception of his service in the US Military, Pete has lived in the Detroit area his whole life. His military service included five years of active duty providing military air traffic control services both shipboard and shore station along with one year teaching at the Air Traffic Control school.

Pete attended Specs Howard School and found work with local legend film producer Ben Moon on a film project for the Metro Parks. Throughout the early days of Pete’s career in live events he acquired skills in audio engineering, projection, and video engineering. Twelve years ago, Pete transitioned to project management, where he has leveraged his experience as a technician to ensure events are staffed appropriately and operate optimally. Pete is excellent at managing multiple live events for well-known companies, and always maintains a personal interest in the success of all projects, large or small.

Pete is proud of his work-show history. “I have had the good fortune of having my events go well,” he says. His success is largely due to his tremendous attention to detail and communication skills. Pete analyzes risks and weaknesses in a show and considers them while leading the production.  

“The number one thing I am most excited about is that our owners are engaged in the business. They are in the office everyday, we collaborate all the time. This allows us to be able to recognize opportunities and act on those we think are we can service best. This real time action is what sets us apart from our competition,” says Pete.

When not managing events, Pete is riding his UTV, side by side, in upper Michigan. A gearhead at heart, he loves anything with a motor. In addition to his UTV, Pete’s collection includes a 1999 Corvette Convertible, six speed with 640 HP at the wheels, and several ATV motorcycles. However, Pete’s motorized adventures have recently become second to his and his wife’s new puppy, Kimba, a white miniature Schnauzer.

“Creative Day is assembling quite a team of professionals. I feel fortunate for being part of that team.” Pete’s care for technology, communication, and drive for success makes him a wonderful addition to the Creative Day Team.