Creative Staff Spotlight: JT

May 31, 2019

Senior Project Manager Jeff Timmerman - known in the industry as “JT” - brings new sets of skills to Creative Day’s team. JT has managed very large live events for over 30 years, collaborating with many agencies and Fortune 100 companies along the way. He is a key player in the production of events, assisting in the design, staffing, and budgeting to ensure successful results.

JT is recognized for his steadfast temperament on showsite, always remaining cool and clear-headed in any circumstance. He consistently demonstrates excellent leadership skills in his command of the room. JT’s projects run smoothly and efficiently and his composure onsite results in both crew and clients to carry full confidence in him.

Proud father and avid outdoorsmen, JT embraces his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, engaging in hunting, fishing, and competitive shooting. While JT’s profession today takes place on dry-land, at one time he was a scuba diving instructor and has explored shipwrecks 300 feet deep in the Great Lakes.

In JT’s words, his job is to “make the show happen”, and despite joining the Creative Team only a few months ago, he has already hit the ground running.  JT has already managed and delivered notable shows like the Western Michigan Aviation Academy’s 8th Annual Leaders of Tomorrow Gala, the 2019 Laughfest Signature Event, the 54th Annual Food Marketing Conference, and a nationally recognized financial organization’s annual arena event. He is most excited about his new start with Creative Day and the opportunity to spend time on projects to incorporate a personal and mindful approach to the production process.