Creative Staff Spotlight: Giff

May 12, 2022

Creative Day is thrilled to announce its new Audio Department Head, Giff Tripp. As a professional Studio Producer and Engineer with over 20 years experience producing, tracking, and mixing audio for major label artists, Giff brings new sets of skills to Creative Day’s team.

Giff is an award winning platinum recording engineer that was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Before moving to Michigan in 2017, he was the studio engineer for the band 311. He spent countless hours with Ron St Germain (Tool, Jimi Hendrix, Whitney Houston) and Bob Rock (Metallica, Bon Jovi, The Offspring) training his ear and learning the tools.

In his career Giff has visited 49 states, Alaska being the only state he has not yet visited. His pursuit of a challenge and passion for music and audio production has taken him on the road for all of his career. He has toured with various bands as the Front of House and ProTools Engineer (311, Puddle of Mudd, American Idol).

Since 2017 Giff has shifted his career focus to working in corporate live events serving many Fortune 50/500 companies.

In his downtime, Giff enjoys tinkering with home projects and spending time with his daughter, who continues to amaze him everyday.

Giff is excited about joining our Team, “Creative Day’s ability to improvise, adapt and innovate is something I'm looking forward to contributing to on a daily basis,” says Giff.

His passion for audio production and engineering have been a major contribution to Giff’s ever expanding library of skills, and drives his success in the live events industry. Creative Day is looking forward to Giff’s contribution to our tremendous growth, he’ll provide new perspectives and insight to our team, our clients, and our projects.