Creative Staff Spotlight: Douglas

January 16, 2020

Creative Day Technologies is thrilled to have Senior Video Engineer Douglas Kaer on the team managing, designing, and engineering one of the most important elements of live event and video production; the technology.

Doug is based at Creative Day’s Troy - Michigan office, but he also spends significant time at our other branches overseeing our video department company-wide. Doug develops processes for handling equipment so as to best ensure the technology operates reliably on top-of-the-line productions. As the creator of many video systems, at multiple facilities, during his 30+ years in video production, Doug has become a source for consultation to project managers, engineers, and clients on proper equipment utilization. His understanding of system functionality allows him to keep Creative Day personnel up-to-date on best practices for new and existing equipment and software. Currently, Doug is in the process of designing our second 12G flypack Production Switcher Package which will augment our current 12G, 6G, and 3G system offerings.

One of Doug’s proudest achievements in life has been raising his three children into successful adults with their own homes, careers, and families. So it comes as no surprise that a favorite pastime of Doug’s is helping to bring up his three (and counting) grandchildren while also taking care of his home with his wife.

“I’m excited about the future at Creative Day Technologies because I honestly believe that we have a unique collection of industry veterans and outstanding staff capable of delivering the highest levels of professionalism and technology in our industry.”