Creative Day Technologies Invest In LiveU System For HD Video Broadcasting

January 21, 2021

Creative Day Technologies is excited about the addition of a complete LiveU Broadcast system to the inventory in January of 2021. The system includes a LU600 HEVC field encoder, LU-2000 decoder, and Video Return Server. The package allows for access to an independent and reliable transmission source anywhere in the world, and provide virtual events with the highest quality of signal equivalent with broadcast television networks.

The Coronavirus Pandemic drove the events industry into an unexpected shift toward the virtual arena. “The most persistent problem we encountered on projects was managing unreliable and faltering internet connections, especially in offsite locations where we won’t really know what we have to work with until we get there,” said Creative Day CTO, Sam Hanneh.

Creative Day needed a way of transmitting sources between locations without relying on the local internet. “Through a proprietary cloud-based content delivery network, the LiveU system gives us the highest level of reliable streaming signal for off-site broadcasting,” explains Creative Day’s Senior Video Engineer, Doug Kaer.

The LU600 field unit provides point-to-point transmission of high-quality HD video up to 3G, with minimal delay, over multiple bonded cellular network service streams. This point-to-point transmission system makes source acquisition possible from practically anywhere, regardless of conventional wi-fi or wired network access. LiveU’s predictive cellular bonding algorithms anticipate the behavior of data networks, send redundant data, and retrieve lost data packets, providing a consistent, reliable, and stable picture.

The unit also features Return Video, this allows the field operatives the ability to see the video source sent back to them directly on the field kit. This aids in coordinating shot composition and two-way interaction between the field and video village. And when Live is not required, the LiveU kit also includes the option to store and forward recorded content for later use. Further, LiveU allows Creative Day to create pool feeds for larger press events so any other LiveU kits can also access the feed at optimal quality.

LiveU is heavily used in broadcast television to transmit signals from point to point for very high profile events. LiveU’s systems have been used to broadcast in the Olympics, Formula One, NASA’s SpaceX Launch, FIFA World Cup, the US Presidential Election, and coverage of multiple international elections,

As an owner of the LiveU Broadcast system, Creative Day has access to the network of users that also own the equipment across the country and globally, allowing for quick and direct access when a project requires supplemented kits. Creative Day is the only production company in the metro Detroit area that owns the LiveU System, giving their clients an advantage when they need a robust signal promptly.

Creative Day has previously used a LiveU LU600 HEVC unit on various projects in 2020. The quality and success of the broadcasts influenced the decision to purchase a kit and fuels the CDTeam’s excitement to launch the new LiveU system on projects in 2021.